Foreign Office and Indian Office Building, London and the Parliamentary debate on architectural style, 1859

facing Whitehall, and fronting on St. James Park, London, England
George Gilbert Scott, of London
Client or Owner: 
Briitsh Government
Type of Content: 
detailed essay on the Parliamentary debate about the appropriate style of the proposed new Foreign Office Building; + descrip. of design, and full page plates showing plan and elevation.; + committee of architects meeting the Prime Minister to reject the Gothic style
Length of Article: 
6,600 w.; + 1,400 w.; + 3,500 w.
The Builder [London], Vol. 17, 6 Aug. 1859, p. 514-17; + 13 Aug. 1859, p. text p. 535; plan p. 536, elevation p. 537; + 27 Aug. 1859, p. 562-63; + full page Plate of detail elevation 10 Sept. 1859, p. 601
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