competition entry for St. Mary's Anglican Cathedral, Edinburgh, by Alexander Ross, 1872

in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Alexander Ross, of Edinburgh
Client or Owner: 
Church of England
Type of Content: 
detailed architectural description, with critique and commentary, on the design submitted by Alexander Ross. The competition was won by Sir George Gilbert Scott of London
Length of Article: 
1,100 words, + rebuttal and commentary by Ross 550 words; + another rebuttal by Ross 2,800 words
The Building News [London], Vol. 24, 17 Jan. 1873, p. 64; and rebuttal by Ross 17 Jan. 1873, p. 91; + West Elevation 14 February 1873, p. 182 and Plate illus.; + another rebuttal by Ross 14 Feb, p. 199-200
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