competition for new Tabernacle for Rev. C.H. Spurgeon, London, 1859

to be built at Newington, on ground nearly opposite Elephant & Castle, London, England
First Premium to E.C. Robins; Second Premium to William Hill, of Leeds
Client or Owner: 
Rev. C.H. Spurgeon
Type of Content: 
detailed analysis and commentary on the 62 designs sent in for this competition, with subjective appraisal of 17 of the designs
Length of Article: 
6, 300 w. + letter of complaint about the method of choosing the short list of 2nd stage entrants; + scoring system 2,600 w.; + note on 14 additional designs; + letter from E.L. Garbett describing the merits of each design 1,200 w
Builder, Vol. 17, 12 Feb. 1859, p. 105-07; + 119; + analysis of scoring system for the competion 19 Feb. 1859, p. 129-30; + 26 Feb. 1859, p. 151-52
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