winning design for Mr. Spurgeon's Tabernacle, London, 1859

London, England
William Willmer Pocock, of London
Client or Owner: 
Rev. Spurgeon
Type of Content: 
detailed architectural description of the winning design selected by the Committee
Length of Article: 
500 w.+ letter from Pocock; + analysis and criticism of the Pocock design, written by E.L. Garbett 3,200 w.; with rebuttal by Pocock rejecting comments by Garbett; + reply by Garbett 9 April 1859 p. 255-57; + reply from Pocock 16 April 1859, p. 274
Builder, Vol. 17, 12 March 1859, p. 187 + letter from Pocock p. 193; + letter critical of the Pocock design 19 March 1859, p. 208; + long letter of rebuttal by Pocock 26 March 1859, p. 219-20, with plan and full page plate of front elevation; + pp 255-57
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