interior murals for All Saints Church, Margaret Street, London, 1859

Margaret Street, London, England
William Butterfield, of London
Client or Owner: 
Church of England
Type of Content: 
detailed description of the painted murals by Mr. Dyce, R.A., inside the new church designed by William Butterfield; with detailed analysis and critique of the church, written by "F.A.M."; + full page plate showing interior perspective; + full page plate showing reredos
Length of Article: 
450 w.; + 2,450 w.; + 300 w.; + 450 w. letter from George E. Street complimenting the design by Butterfield
The Builder, Vol. 17, 14 May 1859, p. 328; + 28 May 1859, p. 364-65; + 4 June 1859, text & letter by G.E. Street, p. 376, full page plate of interior p. 377; + descrip of reredos and full page plate 16 July 1859, p. 472-73
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