competition for Municipal Buildings, Birmingham, England, 1871

Birmingham, England
Juror: Alfred Waterhouse, Architect, London
Client or Owner: 
Corporation of Birmingham
Type of Content: 
complete list of 29 entrants, with pseudonyms for each, and a note on the style of each submission, as "Classic" or "Gothic", with additional editorial commentary on the deficiencies of several of the designs; and debate over the competing designs; article on the short list of 8 finalists
Length of Article: 
600 w. + 900 w. + 1,300 w. + 550 w.
Building News, Vol. 20, 24 March 1871, p. 227; + 31 March 1871, p. 249, + 7 April 1871, p. 269; + 14 April 1871, p. 283
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