St. George's Hall [Town Hall], Liverpool, 1840-51

St. George's Place at William Brown Street, Liverpool, Co. Merseyside, England
winning design in a competition by Harvey L. Elmes; construction begun June 1838; Elmes died 1847; project completed by Robert Rawlinson 1847-51, with interiors by Charles R. Cockerell 1851-54
Client or Owner: 
City of Liverpool
Type of Content: 
extensive and detailed architectural description of the completed building, with critique and appraisal by "S.H."
Length of Article: 
5,300 w., with full page plates showing ground floor plan (with legend), and interior perspective
The Builder [London], Vol. xiii, 6 January 1855, pp. 1-4, + p. 7, including two full page plates
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